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I just want to say to anyone who sees this, you are worth much more than you think you are.

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when someone, who isn’t your mama, tries to explain something to you, sweetie






With abortion it’s like God gives you a present, a gift. He goes, “Here, my child, here is the best gift I can offer to you!” And he’s all excited! And then you open this gift and go “oh…..um…. God, I wasn’t asking for a baby… No thanks, I didn’t want one. Sorry, I’m just going to return it….” And God is heartbroken that you didn’t want his gift that meant so much to Him and He hoped it would mean something to you.

People return gifts they don’t want all the time. Literally all the time, with all kinds of things.

FYI if God is omnipotent and omniscient then God knows you’re going to have an abortion before you ever had sex, maybe part of his plan was for that person to have an abortion. If everything is God’s plan then so to is abortion. You don’t get to say what was or wasn’t a part of God’s plan. You are not God.

And it is human arrogance to assume you know the mind of God or what God’s plan is. Especially if you claim to know it better than anyone else knows it.



Maybe next time God should get a gift card. Or at least keep the receipt!!!

Who gives “gifts” that will cost $245,000 to keep?

  • me about to talk in public: *rehearses what im going to say 50 times in my brain*
  • me: today how you are

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Want to attend college for free? It can happen if you learn German.

All German universities are now free to Americans and all other international students. The last German state to charge tuition at its universities struck down the fees this week.

Even before Germany abolished college tuition for all students, the price was a steal. Typically semester fees were around $630. What’s more, German students receive many perks including discounts for food, clothing and events, as well as inexpensive or even free transportation.

In explaining why Germany made this move, Dorothee Stapelfeldt, a Hamburg senator, called tuition fees “unjust” and added that “they discourage young people who do not have a traditional academic family background from taking up study. It is a core task of politics to ensure that young women and men can study with a high quality standard free of charge in Germany.”

Actually, German universities were free up until 2006 when they started charging tuition. That triggered such a crush of criticism that German states began phasing out this policy. Lower Saxony was the last holdout.

It’s too bad that politicians in the U.S. don’t feel that a college education is worth supporting appropriately. State aid to the nation’s public universities took a nosedive during the 2008 recession and education funding remains well below those levels. The average state is spending 23 percent less per student than before the recession, according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Actually, state support has been declining for public universities for a quarter of a century. Using an interactive tool from The Chronicle of Higher Education, you can see how state government subsidies have cratered at individual institutions.

With the average undergrad borrower now leaving school with more than $29,000 in debt, the free ride in Germany can look awfully tempting.

How to handle the language barrier

German is not an easy language to learn. Fortunately, however, there are international language programs in Germany, which have become very popular with international students before they tackle obtaining a degree in a different language.

What’s more, an increasing number of German universities are offering degrees in English. These are often called international studies programs or in some other way have the word international in their title.


This is actually making me cry…it’s one of those times when you realize that your own government just truly, honestly, does not give a shit about your wellbeing in any way.